What is WooParenting?


There are all kinds of parenting: authoritarian, authoritative (yes it's different), permissive, uninvolved, Tiger Momming.

No one really belongs exactly into a single box. Every person that turns into a parent does a little bit of each styles. These are simply archetypes and to me, sounds a bit like parental horoscope (Astrologers, I promise I got love for you.)

Frankly, all styles are right and all styles are wrong at the same time.

What is glaringly obvious is that these classifications are based on cause and effect. One is ABC type of parent depending on how you react to your child and the situation. 

It's concerning because we are human beings. The body is the vessel but it's spirit who drives it. So my question is, where is the soul? 

This is the basis of WooParenting. It matters not whether you're a WooMama or a WooPapa to human souls or souls with paws, it's about parenting your child on a soul to soul level.

There's a saying that at the end of the day, despite all our differences, social-economic status and profession, we are all humans.

I beg to differ. We are so much more than that. We are souls first. 

As souls who are parents, it means being guides to our children. Parenting from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. Less power plays, being mindful of passing on dysfunction.

It's true people who have it all together usually lose their sh*t when they become parents. Many lose their souls too. Between the details and the exhaustion, it's all very consuming. It's not unusual for parents to realize they don't know who they are anymore when their kids leave the nest. 

So WooParenting is for the mom and dad who is willing to raise themselves while they're raising their children. The premise is that parenting is a soul-based interaction: from one soul to another. 

In the hopes, that both the child and parent will transform to knowing who they are, living their purpose and stewarding the earth.

It's the difference of getting through the years barely surviving it and evolving from the experience. 

Let's get woo with it.