What about WooManity?

It's about the re-education of humans of what they're really capable of.

It's been many roads, thousands of books, chance meetings and countless trial runs to discover, explore and integrate subtle arts and sciences into reality

WooManity aims to hack the jargon and compress the learning curve so you can turn knowledge into superpowers and weave them into your daily life.

I meet people at their most extraordinary moments. It's absolutely golden to celebrate their impact, admire their grit, and shower them with energy as they go forward their next highest high. 

Yet I have a soft spot for those whom I call "in transition". On paper, they are quite the variety of people. Some uber-successful, some are in the grind while others are literally starting again. I can spot it miles away and usually feel them coming before I actually meet them. 


There's a hunger to explore, to pursue, to discover parts of themselves just right there but aren't able to quite touch or grasp. It takes less than a split second to recognize and everyone has a different tell.

This is what I call the transition: the stage where I witness how honest with one's self someone is willing to be.


WooManity is dedicated to those in pursuit. To those who have turned over every rock and still have a need to keep going. I hope to inspire you to see there are many paths. 

They all go somewhere but still not be the one you're supposed to be on. That this can contribute to you in your journey by making your own.


about the creator...

Allyn Reid


Amplifier, Community Alchemist, and Visioneering Unicorn

Passionate about books, art and impact. Possesses a curiosity about what makes you tick and how everything else clicks.

Enjoys amplifying to missions and visions. If you've got a rocket, I can create the foundation you can launch from and land on. Maintenance is not really my thing. Strategy, visioneering work and growing creatively is my sweet spot.

Other lives in this lifetime are:

First Filipina to summit Mount Kilimanjaro 2010.

Resident Sherpa at Sherpa Press Publishing.

Founder at Secret Knock Conference, a Forbes Must-Attend event for Entrepreneurs.

Previously featured on Forbes, Inc, PBS, American-Riviera Women's Entrepreneurs, etc.

Currently on a relentless trail of fun connecting dots between abstract concepts.

Affectionately referred by friends as Dr. Fury. I collect friends with superpowers.

I can easily be found wherever there are great minds around....or by email allynreid at gmail.