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the real business education is in 

You know the sensation of walking out of a club where you spent the night standing four feet from the speakers the entire time? That vibrating, pulsing and overall feeling of being disoriented due to stimulus overload? Yes that.

Information has the same effect on us. 


Whereas you can leave behind the speakers and all the cacophony behind, we are not so lucky with information. It is everywhere. Its tentacles upon us from all directions and in a variety of voices.

It is intended to educate us about everything we don’t know about that we apparently need to.

Unlike the simplicity of walking out of the club and assessing that tonight was a good night, information is not that easy to shutdown. Despite its approachable presence, within the recesses of our subconscious, we are suspicious of information.

As you should be. 


Pick a topic; any topic.

Go through the process of educating yourself about it. We’ll use up energy turning it over in our minds, We’ll talk to our friends about it. If you can't figure out what to make of it, you resort to google, seek out experts, meditate on it, and even lose sleep over it.


The act of educating yourself about anything is a noisy experience.

Just squint your ears, even well-meaning information sounds like Rachel Maddow barking at you. It’s so loud, you’ll want to just file it away to get some peace. Unresolved.

So the cycle of suspicion continues on.


If music is like information, then education is the DJ.

It’s not really information you’re doubtful of. It’s the delivery, the mix, the turntable, the intent, the overall process itself. 


Let’s dig into this a little bit.

Education used to be a luxury. It was based on the premise that the more information you had, the easier, faster, more convenient your life would be.

That extra tip of how something worked can give you the edge over the person next to you trying to do the same thing.

Over time, education has become a given. It turned from something that we aspired to having to a basic human right.


Passing on information contributes to elevated mindsets and assists in closing the gender gap. Others would argue that it also fuels outdated thinking, propaganda and manipulation.

Since its now a natural thing to have, there is plenty of it. So much so that what used to be a necessity has become clutter. 

Mental clutter to be exact. 


But we’re not knocking on volume. It isn’t about how much or how little information is being passed on. 

Then why are we suspicious? It is because the results of education are inconsistent. Having information does not get Jane Doe and Joe Smith the same outcome.

Case in point, MBA grads who work as Uber drivers and college dropout gazillionaires.

Anything that has mixed results is usually a truth mixed with a perversion of it.


This inconsistency is due to education crossing a significant boundary. It went beyond being about information to telling you what to do with it.

Find it hard to grasp?

You’d be pressed to find a textbook today in any school that wasn’t written with a bias.


It's such a subtlety that we didn’t notice it applied beyond the classroom. It is in packaging, media, entertainment, leadership workshops, retreats, etc.

Name it, its got a preset agenda for you.

Just like McDonald’s is not in the business of food, neither is education in the business of informing.

The reality is education is in the business of convincing.

A significant effect of education, and in turn information, being used as a tool for convincing is that our intuition, gut reaction, soul, inner voice, insert what you call it here, is dulled.

I’m being nice when I say that. The sentiment is accurately more along the lines of drowned, muffled, muted, shunned.


We are entrained that the inner compass is a second class citizen to the almighty authority of information. 

Exploration of a “fact” is regarded as irreverent. I’m sure you’ve received the customary eye roll, name calling or blatant put downs just for asking a question.

Hey I’m not judging, I've been guilty of standing on this side of the fence too.


As a result, upon across information, we spin.

We go to the monkey mind game of eenie-meenie-my-nee-mo to make a decision.

The most practical of us will create a pro and con list. Having more of detail doesn’t quiet that whispering, niggling voice in the back of your head that asks if you are sure.

Alas, reality ends up prevailing. 

You’ll have a deadline to meet or something else that will force your hand to come to a conclusion.


It doesn’t matter what conclusion or decision you make about the information, a taste of dissatisfaction is tied to it.

You made an intangible compromise with yourself.

You’ll continue on temporarily satisfied. Suspicion slightly quelled but still have one eye open, your mind scanning in the background for something else to assist or assure you.


So what to do with all this information?

Frankly, I’m not one for the information blackout nor the detox trend.


You can't master something by hiding from it.

However, I’m not one to address the state of the union and then leave you hanging.

Here’s what I’m proposing:

Let’s light the fence on fire.

Use the ashes to figure out how logical elements like information work with intuition, how the tangible reality integrates with the functions of the soul.


Why does catering to the intuition or the inner voice matter?

There is magic in the ease of having information and knowing what to do with it that can work for you in a grand way.

There’s nothing like the peace of mind of not needing to look over your shoulder over every comment you tell and every decision you make.

I’m not out to calm suspicions, doubts and tribulations; yours or mine. Instead, we are going to indulge them. Together.


Tough critics and professional skeptics, plant your flags here, and fly them high.

If you're willing to explore, you have a home here.

We are going to experiment, debunk and rebunk, discover what works, what doesn’t, what can be integrated, what needs more development and what needs to just be thrown out the window.

It is a PYOP ( PIck-Your-Own-Participation) scene here at WooManity.

You can preview, jump in, research on the down low or do it your own damn self, these are welcome.

The point of WooManity is to expose information that textbooks weren't brave enough to include between the covers, create change by connecting the dots. 

Turn yourself on...intellectually and spiritually. 

We'll span the practical arenas of business, health, family and relationships to the other side of the life spectrum such as personal leadership and super powers .

This means putting out tools for you to try, making available experiences that lets you experiment, scouting for information to expose ourselves to and rebalance the scale between education and your true knowing.

The only rule is I can’t do it for you.

Cause you know...codependency issues and all that.

So get out of the business of information by getting in touch with yo'self, your innate knowing, turn on your own master sifter.

Find what’s true for you so you can dream your own impossibilities.

Then go and outcreate them.


Watch the woobisode here.