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The ace in the Achiever's backpocket for productive sprint sessions. Dig in to your subconscious, clear your blocks and stay in flow. A necessity for those who like to get things done. 

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Does your subconscious agree with your goals? 


Most of us don’t know the answer to this.


Yet the subconscious is the underlying factor that rules whether we actually reach the goals we go after.


You can do all the right things and still end up not as successful as you hoped. 


All the know-how you apply contributes to only about 5% of your success. 

The other 95% is dictated by what’s sitting in your subconscious mind. Staggering isn’t it?


Let’s say you are looking to earn 20k each month. 

You’re putting in the hours.

You got a mentor.

You’re in a mastermind

You’re seo-ing, strategizing, implementing.


You’re rockin’ them how-tos.


This is the 5%.


For the sake of argument, we’re going to refer to the subconscious as the peanut gallery.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, the gallery:

 -wonders if this is the right thing to do

 -rudely asks, who are you to be teaching this?

 -doubts whether you can really put food on the table.


I’ve heard it all before.


Here are some effects of the unchecked peanut gallery:

  - you struggle to charge what you’re worth

  - second guess yourself when it’s go time

  - make you hesitate pitching your idea


They interrupt your flow.


Your peanut gallery is the 95%.


Despite how hard you work, this peanut gallery dictates whether or not you hit your sales goal, your ideal weight or finding the one.


Most of us just let it run our lives without ever checking to see what’s in there.


For me, it was the beginning of going down the rabbit hole.


I tried hypnosis, affirmations, visualizations, chants, neuroscience.

If it had a shot at slaying the peanut gallery, I was in.


Most had temporary results.

Most were inconsistent.


But I had a hunch.

I tweaked a few of these solutions.

Discovered some of my own.

Then I synthesized them.


I tested them.

Then I tried it on others.

My hunch turned into a proven process.


And I’m delighted to offer it to you.


During our time together, you will find out whether your subconscious is on the same page as you. 


We’re going to face the peanut gallery between your ears. 

We’re going to find the dust and rust, and clean up any stuck points you have

It’s about putting you in touch with your potent, creative self

There’s no question, you are talent in motion.

Now let’s make it work for you.



How it works:

Upon signing up, you will receive a short questionnaire where you’ll share with me what your most current project, launch or initiative 


Then we’ll connect by Skype or live where

b. We pinpoint where you feel sluggish in the process.

c. We find out whether your subconscious agrees that you are worth your goals

d. We begin the work of clearing that up


You’ll walk away with:

Knowing how to do this for yourself. 

You’ll learn how to check in with your authentic self and clear any stickiness.

You’ll be able to apply this anytime as soon as you recognize you are getting in the way of your dreams.



Here’s my track record:

I’ve tripled my salary in corporate America: Starting salary 28K - ending salary 96k+ package. Time span: 1.5 years.

I began an event business that went from zero to $300K. Time span: 8 months.

Worked with a learning and development company earning 5M with a goal to double to 10M. They grew to  20M instead. Time span: 1 year.

Guided someone from a 50K salary to replacing her salary in 6 months and making 200K by her first year in business. Time span: 1 year.

Assisted a real estate broker get out of 250K in debt and make 2.5 million. Time span: 8 months.


It was all done using the flow process.


It’s not just about money, I’ve also business owners get comfortable “being out there”.

A physician who got a call to appear from the Dr. Oz show.

An environmentalist employee who left her job, started her own firm and hit Forbes 30 under 30.


It wasn’t because I’m an expert at the fancy online marketing tricks. 

I cannot turn your mousepad into a cash machine.

What I can do is assist you in unlocking the creative money maker, tail-feather shaker you really be.



It’s the difference of feeling like getting to your goal feeling like you’re being put through the ringer 


Going after your dreams with gusto, exuberance, and excitement.


It’s the difference of working and dragging your feet versus knowing you’re in the game.

It’s the difference of feeling lost in the mechanics of business versus knowing you’re on the right path even if you have no idea what you’re doing.


This is not a business technical step-by-step kind of work. 

There are lots of the marketing, sales how-tos out there. 

This is the stuff they don’t teach you in school and webinars.


Want what you want. And have it. With ease.


Brain on point, goal on fire. You, a creative and achiever, closer to the finish line.


What say you? Are you in?


Get in the flow here.