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Study so you can get a good job.

Work until you're VVVVVIP or until you die. Whichever comes first.

Reset and reframe making money, have a banging career or multi-career and keep your soul.






Parenting is the oldest human experiment known to man. Considering there are now 7 billion people in the planet, multiplication works. Woo just finetunes it. Our mission: raise children who know who they are and are in touch with their purpose in life.

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Straight Up Woo

Information you wished you would have gotten in school. It'll be in easy to digest fashion.

We'll piece together concepts from neuroscience, ancient wisdom, energy, physics and best of all, get ideas on how you can use them.

Because what's the point of all this knowledge if you don't use them to develop your superpowers, right?

You'll find interviews, insights and the trending woo all meant to assist your soul in connecting the dots between the world we live in and why the eff you are here.