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the wooniversity

A modern day soul school.

Most of us were only encouraged to connect with our minds. We think the voice in our head is our soul. In reality, the soul is not harsh, demanding, nor judgemental. Others valued only the heart. It's a common to think that just because you have feelings, you are led by your soul. Both are only pieces that make up the engine each made to think they are the end all be all.

The soul is the ignition and the driver simultaneously. The you as it was originally intended to be. The you that existed before someone else told you how to be. Integrating the heart and mind allows the soul to lead, create, actualize. You'll find programs that provide guidance in connecting with your soul. If you're a seasoned soul-searcher, discover ways to strengthen, integrate and function from that space.

Learn them once, use the tools forever.



The Emergence 

Connect. Practice. Integrate.

Momentum CoverV2.jpg


A field guide to perpetual brilliance. You know how to get in the zone. This is a set of tools for staying in creator space.


Dare to B'riched.

A course in freeing yourself from manipulations. You're either playing the game or the game is being played on you.

Discover where you are on the playing field. Learn how to get off the game board. Get access to more possibilities.

Institutions, Organizations and Corporations

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Energy-based systems consulting. A resource for businesses looking for a change in dynamics.

Intuitive Intelligence Program for Executives, Management and Leadership Teams



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